Brownstone Renovation & Restoration

Nothing says quintessential New York City like a block lined with brownstones or row houses with decorative touches and wide stoops.  At GHI NYC, we combine state-of-the-art materials with the traditional techniques that were used by the artisans who built the current facades that we now see in New York City neighborhoods because our team understands the importance of maintaining the aesthetic of our great city.

We offer top-quality restoration services for brownstones and townhouses while adhering to all applicable New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission guidelines. Our team sets up scaffolding for any pressure-washing, refacing, and painting that needs to be done on projects up to six stories high. To protect pedestrians from falling debris, we cover the scaffolding with netting. As with most aspects of property upkeep, regular maintenance of your brownstone or townhouse will help prevent larger interventions. Contact us to learn more about our annual maintenance plans and checkups.

Brownstone & Townhouse Contracting Services

Brownstone Exterior Contracting

The Best Brownstone Exterior Contractor in NYC

From cement work to brick repair, masonry, roofing, foundation work, additions, waterproofing, and more, our team has 40+ years of experience in all types of exterior construction work across New York City. We take pride in having brought many brownstones back to life whether it is through restoring the original details or working with clients to update the exterior. Our team works with clients to execute their vision in a timely fashion while utilizing decades of experience to execute every project. From new construction to updates and restoration of original architectural elements, no project is too big or small.

Once we begin a project, we keep our clients updated on our progress and any issues that we encounter while being mindful of your budget. If your brownstone is in a historic district, our team will help file applications for restoration permits with the Landmarks Preservation Commission. Contact us for a free project evaluation and estimate.

Brownstone Exterior Contracting Services Include: (Brownstone Restoration?)

  • Sidewalk Repair
  • Driveway Repair
  • Brownstone designing
  • Refacing
  • Exterior Repairs
  • Brick Pointing
  • Painting
  • Block/brick restoration
  • Special Rigger
  • Roof work
  • Power washing and more

Cornice Repair & Replacement

What is a cornice?

A cornice is a horizontal architectural molding that is located at the meeting point between walls and a roof or ceiling. “Cornice” derives from the Italian cornice meaning “ledge” and rightfully so since cornices can be found over a door, window, or lining a roof. On the exterior of brownstones and townhouses, cornices can be a striking ornamental element but they are also functional. The cornice holds and hides the gutters and drainpipes that lead water off of the flat roof, guiding the runoff away from the facade of the house to minimize the impact of the elements. Cornices are made of many different materials including wood, fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP), metal, plaster, and more. One of the most prevalent architectural features you will see as you walk around New York City is the cornices adorning brownstones and buildings throughout the city.

We Put the Nice in Cornice

It is important to maintain and address issues with a cornice when you notice it. The last thing anyone wants is a sagging cornice to break and fall from a ceiling or the roof of a building and hurt someone. If your cornice needs repair or replacement, our team of pros can build a new cornice for you or repair your existing cornice. From Victorian to landmarked restorations and beyond, we work with all styles of cornices. Contact us today for a free inspection and project evaluation.

Cornice Services Include:

  • Cornice Installation
  • Landmark Cornice Restoration
  • Cornice Painting
  • Cornice Stripping

Masterprotect Waterproof Coating

When it comes to exterior walls, the key to keeping surfaces beautiful and walls dry is to apply wall coatings that are more powerful than the elements. With over 40 years of experience waterproofing in New York City, our team often relies on one of the most powerful waterproofing solutions for exterior walls: MasterProtect® coatings. During our inspection, our team will assess the exposure to sun, wind, rain, and temperature of your project to determine which coating is right for your property and performance objectives. MasterProtect® coatings are a sleek finish that not only helps to keep the elements out but also enhances the value and beauty of your property. Contact us for a free project evaluation and estimate.

We use four types of MasterProtect® coatings:

Thin Mil and Hydrophobic Wall Coatings

(Protect against water penetration)

Elastomeric Wall Coatings

(Ten times thicker than paint, increasing duriblity)

High Build Protective Coatings

(Exterior Wall Coatings for High-Rise Structures)

Primers, Patching Compounds, and Block Fillers

(Used on many substrates including stucco, brick and concrete)

GHI NYC Service MasterProtect® coatings for:

Exterior Walls

Pony Walls

Stoop Restoration

What makes us the top stoop restoration and replacement specialists in NYC?

While New York City is known for beautiful brownstones and rowhouses, it is the stoops that lead to the front door that has beckoned many a New Yorker to make memories. The architecture of our stoops is as distinct and rich as the city itself which is why GHI NYC has taken great pride in repairing and replacing stoops across the city since 1981. Our team’s extensive experience working with stoops across the city is applied to every project. We work with our clients to realize their vision while being mindful of the impact each project has on the neighborhood and city’s aesthetic. From long chats to front yard BBQs, New York City stoops are the setting for many moments and even great films, which is why we take pride in every stoop we build, restore or repair.


(should we make a list of materials or are they all the same?)

We service Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, and surrounding areas. Call today for a free project evaluation and estimate.

Stoop Repair Services Include:

  • General Stoop Repair
  • Stoop Replacement
  • Stoop Resurfacing
  • Stoop Restoration
  • Brownstone Stoop Repair
  • Cement Stoop Repair
  • Concrete Stoop Repair
  • Front Stoop Repair
  • Brick Stoop Repair
  • Cement Resurfacing
  • Cement Stucco
  • Brick Repair
  • Brick Replacement
  • Masonry
  • Exterior Waterproofing Services
  • Thorocoat
  • Thoroseal
  • Coping Stone Works
  • Steps Installation

Brownstone Facade Restoration


Nothing says quintessential New York City like a street lined with brownstones or row houses in rich chocolate and reddish browns. But what happens when the facade of your property begins to crack, crumble and leak? Since 1981, Gregg Home Improvements has specialized in facade repair and restoration for brownstones, commercial properties, and landmarked buildings. We work with property owners, building management firms, architects, and engineers to execute their vision utilizing high-quality craftsmanship and materials at the most cost-effective rate possible. Our team is not only the best but we are also New Yorkers who walk the same city streets and understand the importance of preserving the architectural beauty of the stately brownstones that are prevalent in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and even Jersey City.

While the facade of most brownstones from the late 19th & 20th centuries are constructed of sandstone, GHI uses many materials to repair and restore brownstone facades including: (list materials). (Must colors be approved by the approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission?). GHI NYC works with New York City & New Jersey? Landmarks Preservation Commission to ensure that all guidelines are met and necessary paperwork is filed. We service Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, Jersey City, and surrounding areas. Call today for a free project evaluation and estimate.

Brownstone Facade Restoration Services Include:


Historic Building Restoration


Globally renown for its architecture and rich history, New York City is home to many historic districts and buildings. Since 1981, GHI NYC has preserved, restored, and rehabilitated historic and landmarked buildings in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island, and the surrounding areas. Restoring historic buildings in NYC is no easy task. To retain and sustain a building’s historic fabric specialized skills, knowledge, and appreciation of unique architecture, design, and materials are required. Our team of experienced pros works hard to strike a balance between utilizing technological advances and maintaining the aesthetic of the neighborhood when working on historic structures. As New Yorkers ourselves, we understand the importance of preserving the architectural elements that helped create the city we experience today.

GHI NYC provides historic restoration services for an extensive variety of clients, including hotels, cultural landmarks, stores, churches, private residences, schools, government buildings, entertainment venues, and historic sites. We work with New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission to ensure that all guidelines are met and necessary paperwork is filed. Contact us today for a free project evaluation and estimate.

GHI NYC Historic Building Restoration Services:


We put the nice in cornices across the tri-state area.